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Innovative Community Participation

As an NDIS participant, being part of a community is a wonderful experience to grow amongst others

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An integral part of engaging in the innovative community participation NDIS is the bonds that you forge through the process

These days, isolation is very common. Even in crowds, the feeling of not being seen or heard or recognised, or needed is omnipresent among countless individuals. But you don’t have to feel alone or left out! In order to emphasise this, we at All About You offers innovative community participation and is approved by the NDIS. The program aims to make your journey wholesome by interacting with the community at large and engaging in tasks with other participants. The program is in association/ partnership with Helping Hand 4U Pty Ltd (ABN: 94 640 943 031). 

Through the activities that you will be a part of, at All About You, well being, resilience and growth are the focus points and the key takeaways. We understand how everyone has their own unique strengths and thus, the program will be tailored to suit yours. This will encourage you to grow in the areas you will excel in and to be exposed to other areas of learning. 

The innovative community participation, NDIS is beneficial to you, because:

  • You will gain an understanding of different skill sets

  • You will understand how each skill set could be a potential employment opportunity

  • As an NDIS participant, social competency will be improved

  • You will be guided with how to perceive social situations

  • Emphasis will be laid on personal growth and your well being and improvement

  • You will be guided on building friendships and bonds with the people around

Communities have been a source of comfort, security, warmth and growth since the beginning of history. This belief is carried forward at All About You. When you are amongst people, and your skills are built and recognised, it fosters personal development and professional competency along with a  boost in self-esteem. 

Tailored assistance, care and support

At All About You matter! We work with your NDIS plan and goals to help you achieve more, every day!

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Have Questions?

All About You life stage transition through NDIS aims at helping people with a disability move ahead in life and realize their goals and plans!

NSW in home care services
Disability Service providers NSW
  • What is included when it comes to assist life stage transition NDIS?
    The assist life stage transition through NDIS includes long and short term support. The assistance covers at home living independence, community participation and other coordination support.
  • What is life transition planning?
    Life transition planning supports a person with a disability to develop skills and build their own independence.
  • Will All About You assist life stage transition through NDIS?
    Yes! All About You will completely assist life stage transition through NDIS. Contact us to know more possibilities! Universal Ability Care in association/partnership with Helping Hand 4U Pty Ltd (ABN: 94 640 943 031).

Get the needed assistance for your daily personal activities!

Assisting or supervising with personal tasks of everyday life allows the participants to lead a better life, and we provide guidance that focuses on strengthening the participant's ability to lead the way towards their goals.

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