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Life Skills Development

Life Skills Development

Do more every day with All About You assistance with daily personal activities!

Life Skills Development
Life Skills Development

Life skills are essential and ensure that you are able to perform daily activities independently or with minimal assistance and support. Life skills training teaches participants to independently travel by using public transportation, maintain and care for their personal hygiene regularly, develop communication skills, perform household tasks and daily activities. They are always taught through practice, encouragement and support that the person with a disability needs. At All About You, we understand everyone’s different and so are our activities to develop life skills.

All About You works closely with the participant, family and the carer for life skills training and life skills development. Our focus at all times is building your confidence and independence.

Life skills development can help in:

  • Helps in managing personal hygiene on a regular basis. This allows you to gain confidence

  • Travel and transport training helps in planning and going around places on your own, independently!

  • Communication skills development that helps you communicate with others better and vocalise your needs or support needed better

Life skills training and life skills development at All About You ensures that you experience a better quality of daily living, increase overall community and social participation, travel independently and avail other core supports that align with your goals and plans.

Tailored assistance, care and support

At All About You matter! We work with your NDIS plan and goals to help you achieve more, every day!

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Have Questions?

All About You life stage transition through NDIS aims at helping people with a disability move ahead in life and realize their goals and plans!

NSW in home care services
Disability Service providers NSW
  • What is included when it comes to assist life stage transition NDIS?
    The assist life stage transition through NDIS includes long and short term support. The assistance covers at home living independence, community participation and other coordination support.
  • What is life transition planning?
    Life transition planning supports a person with a disability to develop skills and build their own independence.
  • Will All About You assist life stage transition through NDIS?
    Yes! All About You will completely assist life stage transition through NDIS. Contact us to know more possibilities! Universal Ability Care in association/partnership with Helping Hand 4U Pty Ltd (ABN: 94 640 943 031).

Get the needed assistance for your daily personal activities!

Assisting or supervising with personal tasks of everyday life allows the participants to lead a better life, and we provide guidance that focuses on strengthening the participant's ability to lead the way towards their goals.

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