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We work closely with your NDIS goals and plans at your pace and convenience

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National Disability Insurance Scheme - Everything You Need to Know

An estimated 4.2 million Australians have a disability (including permanent and significant disabilities). The National Disability Insurance Scheme aims at providing adequate support, information and networks through which a person with a disability can get support, care and make progress to become more independent themselves. The NDIS is for people with a disability under the age of 65 years. 

People with a disability eligible for NDIS support services and funds are known as participants. The NDIS plans are personalised and exclusive to meet your needs and help you lead an ordinary life. The plan could be coming from agencies or through family, friends or any form of community services. The NDIS may provide adequate funds to ensure that a participant is able to achieve their goals and plans hassle-free.  All About You (in association/ partnership with Helping Hand 4U Pty Ltd (ABN: 94 640 943 031) works closely with your NDIS plans and goals to provide adequate support and assistance to you!

Frequently Used NDIS Terms:

  • Early intervention: Providing a child or an adult adequate support and assistance at the earliest possibility to reduce effects of the disability or any developmental issues

  • Permanent and significant disability: When a person’s disability can be lifelong and has the potential to improve with adequate support and assistance

  • Supports and services: Any type of products or assistance that can be helpful to a person in leading an ordinary life & achieve their goals and plans

Note: People with a disability meeting the access criteria will be eligible to become NDIS participants and will receive a personal plan. NDIS though may provide information, linkages and connect you with communities that can assist. 

Tailored assistance, care and support

At All About You matter! We work with your NDIS plan and goals to help you achieve more, every day!

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Have Questions?

All About You life stage transition through NDIS aims at helping people with a disability move ahead in life and realize their goals and plans!

NDIS Service Providers in NSW
NDIS Service Providers in NSW
  • What is included when it comes to assist life stage transition NDIS?
    The assist life stage transition through NDIS includes long and short term support. The assistance covers at home living independence, community participation and other coordination support.
  • What is life transition planning?
    Life transition planning supports a person with a disability to develop skills and build their own independence.
  • Will All About You assist life stage transition through NDIS?
    Yes! All About You will completely assist life stage transition through NDIS. Contact us to know more possibilities! Universal Ability Care in association/partnership with Helping Hand 4U Pty Ltd (ABN: 94 640 943 031).

Get the needed assistance for your daily personal activities!

Assisting or supervising with personal tasks of everyday life allows the participants to lead a better life, and we provide guidance that focuses on strengthening the participant's ability to lead the way towards their goals.

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